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once you're in anything goes. art. ranting. whatever. just keep it free of those little quiz things that make everyone really angry.

this is a sweet little community like all those other ones that you have to be too cool and get voted in.

we're bitches, but you better be too if you want in.

so the basic rules:
join and you have to make your post asap. this includes a picture of yourself *more for curiousity than determination, regardless it's mandatory*, at least one example of your artwork and answers for the questions below.
not just anyone can be taking credit to being this aloof. if you have a lot of pictures to post, for the courtesy of others do it behind a lj cut tag.


why you're here:
a few things that make you tick:
inspiring artists:
inspiring literature:
inspiring music:
anything else that is important enough to add:

once you post the other member will vote yes or no, they'll give reasons so don't get too discouraged. majority rules. if there happens to be a tie you get in. once you make your post the member will have 72 hours to vote on you.
dont be a dick if you get in. going into personal journals and causing mayhem is certainly not going to get you in this community.

when you're waiting for word do not post in any other thread but your original, you'll have time for that later on. lest you don't want to ever see membership here.
other ways to say goodbye to this community:
disagreements are ok, but intolerance isn't accepted. you'll be gone like *snap*
nudity and the like should be hidden behind a lj cut tag, if you need help with that send me an im at gonnatwinkle113 and ill help you out.

currently there's only one mod all_grey another one should be coming shortly...

any questions or concerns get in touch.