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+artsy fucks+'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
+artsy fucks+

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[04 Sep 2006|01:37am]

hi. im kinda new here. so i threw together a little banner. sampling some of my work.
custom orders are always welcome.
ive been mostly working on purses, acrylic paintings, photos, and jewelry.
let me know what you think and feel free to add me.



[09 Aug 2006|12:20pm]

i make things.
and sell them.
id consider trades.


id be forever greatful if you checked them out
and/or gave me ideas.

thank you.



[14 Aug 2005|04:51pm]

Hi we're Regicide Co. We're a soon-to-be clothing company. We want more ideas for our tshirts, more artists involved. Other communities have not been helpful, they're uninterested, and somewhat mean. We are trying to make a clothing company with other ideas & artists involved. We are medieval themed with a tinge of modern, if anyone would like to help us, or know where we can find willing artists please let us know

x x x
Regicide Co.
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[04 Feb 2004|01:03pm]

name: Jon Broyles
why you're here: To receive constructive cristism on my designs and other artwork.
a few things that make you tick: Tattoos, friends, fast/aggressive hardcore, my dog, and life.
inspiring artists: Some Warhol, pre-dripping Pollack, Picasso, Monet, Manet, and alot of other abstract impressionism.
inspiring literature: Anything by, Bukowski, Hornby, Palahniuk, or Vonnegut.
inspiring music: Either fast/aggressive hardcore (The Backup Plan, Worn Thin, Tear it Up, American Nightmare) or slow melodic emo, singer/songwriter stuff; Bright Eyes, Mending Point, old Dashboard Confessional, Coldplay.
anything else that is important enough to add: Not really.

is this even a community? [23 Jan 2004|01:35am]

[ mood | amused ]


Photo of mine


name: Shannon
why you're here: I like art and film; community sounded interestin
a few things that make you tick: anger and sadness
inspiring artists: lots of contemperary art; too many to name
inspiring literature: Anything by Chuck Palahniuk
inspiring music: Deftones, tool, eh look in my profile
anything else that is important enough to add: ...

seems pretty dead here...


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