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Hi we're Regicide Co. We're a soon-to-be clothing company. We want more ideas for our tshirts, more artists involved. Other communities have not been helpful, they're uninterested, and somewhat mean. We are trying to make a clothing company with other ideas & artists involved. We are medieval themed with a tinge of modern, if anyone would like to help us, or know where we can find willing artists please let us know

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Regicide Co.

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name: Jon Broyles
why you're here: To receive constructive cristism on my designs and other artwork.
a few things that make you tick: Tattoos, friends, fast/aggressive hardcore, my dog, and life.
inspiring artists: Some Warhol, pre-dripping Pollack, Picasso, Monet, Manet, and alot of other abstract impressionism.
inspiring literature: Anything by, Bukowski, Hornby, Palahniuk, or Vonnegut.
inspiring music: Either fast/aggressive hardcore (The Backup Plan, Worn Thin, Tear it Up, American Nightmare) or slow melodic emo, singer/songwriter stuff; Bright Eyes, Mending Point, old Dashboard Confessional, Coldplay.
anything else that is important enough to add: Not really.
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is this even a community?


Photo of mine


name: Shannon
why you're here: I like art and film; community sounded interestin
a few things that make you tick: anger and sadness
inspiring artists: lots of contemperary art; too many to name
inspiring literature: Anything by Chuck Palahniuk
inspiring music: Deftones, tool, eh look in my profile
anything else that is important enough to add: ...

seems pretty dead here...
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